Here you will find academic articles and other types of publications and outputs from this project.
We will continue to post research and outreach materials from this work as they are developed.

Case Study Reports

Acton, L., Campbell, L.M. 2020. Human Dimensions of Large Marine Protected Areas: Negotiations over a Proposed Large Scale Marine Protected Area in Bermuda, 2010-2015. DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.12420149.v1

Peer Reviewed Publications

Artis E, Gray NJ, Campbell LM, Gruby RL, Acton L, Zigler SB, et al. (2020) Stakeholder perspectives on large-scale marine protected areas. PLoS ONE 15(9): e0238574.

Gruby, R.L., Gray, N., Fairbanks, L., Havice, E., Campbell, L.M., Friedlander, A., Oleson, K., Sam, K., Mitchell, L., Hanich, Q. (In Press). Policy interactions in large-scale marine protected areasConservation Letters.

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Press and Outreach

Gray, N., Gruby, R., Campbell, L., Acton, L. (2015). Marine Wilderness or Peopled Seas?Current Conservation. 9 (2): 13-17.

Project covered in: Berger, M. As Big Marine Reserves Proliferate, a New Focus on Enforcement. September 12, 2017, in Oceans Deeply.

Gruby, R.L., Campbell, L.M., Fairbanks, L., and Gray, N. To succeed, large ocean sanctuaries need to benefit both sea life and people. November 21, 2017, in The Conversation U.S.  (Republished in the L.A. Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers.)

Gray, N., Gruby, R., Campbell, L.M., Acton, L., Artis, E., Fairbanks, L., Mitchell, L., Wilson, K., Zigler, S. 2018. Human dimensions of large-scale marine protected areas- Lessons learned across five sites. (A lessons learned pamphlet designed for practitioners and decision-makers)