Voices from the Field

In each of our case study sites, a small number of willing participants agreed to speak on film about their connections to the ocean spaces that have been designated as large MPAs or proposed to become large MPAs. Speakers were asked to talk about the value of the ocean space rather than their views on an existing or proposed MPA; some speakers spoke about both.

The views depicted do not represent research results and they do not reflect the wide range of perspectives within case study sites. In some sites, people were reluctant to speak on film due to the sensitivity of the LMPA. We are grateful to those who agreed to be filmed and have edited for clarity and length, while honoring the spirit of the speaker’s comments. The speakers are identified by titles they provided.

Our goal with these films is simple: to show that even remote, offshore ocean spaces are peopled seascapes. We hope the films communicate the relevance of human dimensions for ocean conservation generally.


Choy Aming
Shark Researcher

Dr. Thaddeus Murdoch
Chief scientist at Bermuda Reef Ecosystem Analysis & Monitoring

Jack Ward
President of Bermuda Environmental Consulting

Graham Maddocks
President of the Ocean Support Foundation

Geoffrey Gardner
Chairman of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Alex Jones
Local businessman in Bermuda

Dr. Robbie Smith
Local scientist in Bermuda

Dr. Judith Landsberg
Former President at Greenrock, a Bermudian environmental charity

Jessie Murdoch
Employee at a Bermudian reinsurance company

Chris Flook
Local scientist

Mariana Islands & Guam

Rosemond Santos
Native daughter of Gani

Benigno M. Sablan, Capt.
Local boat captain and fisherman

Steven Johnson
Local marine biologist

David Benavente
Local fisherman

Cinta M. Kaipat
Co-founder of Friends of the Monument
Former resident of the Northern Islands

John Iguel
Resident of Tanapag, Saipan

Ignacio V. Cabrera
Resident of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Friends of the Monument


Roman Bedor
Chief Ngirakebou, Ngchesar state, Palau

Phillip Reklai
Senator, Republic of Palau

Ann Singeo
The Ebiil Society

Paul Collins
Local Researcher and Cameraman

Mark Priest
PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland and Collaborator at the Palau International Coral Reef Center


Taytaam Iatakee (speaking) and the PIPA Serenaders

Makurita Takeroi
Teacher at Bikenibeu Primary School

Rikamati Naare
Radio Producer

Ieremia Tabai
Member of Parliament for Nonouti

Charlie Copeland
Mechanic and Fisherman

Tevesi Taliu
Officer in Charge, Kanton

Tuake Teema
Senior Fisheries Officer

Kaono Koura
Manager of PIPA Serenaders

Ameria Bwauro
PIPA Accounts Clerk

Ross Maitinnara
Project Manager, Pacific Rising

Baaro and Ioane
Head Teacher, Kanton, and Husband

Christine Greene
Cultural Ambassador, PIPA

Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile)

Tongariki Tuki

Rebecca Tepano Tuki
Fisheries Official